ReD is a transnational, non-partisan network of Colombians and friends of Colombia that emerged in the United Kingdom between September and October 2012, when peace talks began between the Government of Colombia and the FARC.

ReD supports the negotiated settlement of armed conflicts and contributes to the building of peace by strengthening a culture of dialogue. In 2017, ReD has three objectives: (1) to accompany the implementation of the Government-Farc peace agreement, (2) to support the Government-Eln negotiation, and (3) to reflect on reconciliation with various sectors of civil society.

ReD believes in the power of a dialogue based on six principles: respect to listen and value difference, generosity to give, honesty to rebuild trust, solidarity to put themselves in the place of others, co-responsibility to build from the diversity and Self-criticism to reevaluate and grow.

ReD builds alliances with universities and organizations – governmental and non-governmental, social movements and public figures – to integrate them into an expression of active citizenship.

ReD has spokespersons in Argentina, Belgium, the United States, Hungary and the United Kingdom. In several countries it has held academic, cultural and advocacy activities so that Colombians and friends of Colombia can learn about developments in the negotiation and implementation of the peace agreement. In Colombia it has allies in Armenia, Buenaventura, Florencia, Pereira and Pasto.

ReD builds spaces for dialogue to express hopes, doubts and concerns about negotiation and implementation, and to propose initiatives for reconciliation; writes public policy recommendations; communiques to the parties, Colombian society and the international community, and letters to national and world leaders in order to contribute to the construction of peace in Colombia.

ReD focuses on six activities and processes: (1) pedagogy of the challenges of building and consolidating a “complete peace”; (2) breakfast and public dialogues to discuss the challenges of building active citizenship for peace; (3) communication strategy through our website, social networks and our radio program, (4) volunteering scheme to empower many people towards reconciliation, (5) participation in the monitoring of the implementation of the Agreements through #OjoALaPaz, and (6) supporting our youth, through ReD 020, to inspire and be part of the transition to peace.

In this page you will find the reports of our conversations, breakfasts and literary gatherings with writers such as Mario Mendoza, Rafael Baena and Ricardo Silva. We invite you to follow us on  Facebook where we share relevant news in English and Spanish about the negotiation and implementation and where you can see our live streaming events; Follow us on Twitter at  @RodeemosDialogo, and listen to our radio show on

For contact in Colombia write us to and for contact in Europe to


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